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Membership aplication

Due to internet security concerns, with "FORMS" please print off this form, and mail in the filled out form to the address listed below. A pdf version can be downloaded here

Please attach a check to your completed form upon mailing.

Jaguar Club of Tulsa, Inc
PO Box #471134, Tulsa Ok  74147


                The Jaguar Club of Tulsa, Inc., is a non-profit club organized for the purpose of promoting and encouraging the appreciation, enjoyment, good maintenance and preservation of the fine automobiles in general and Jaguar brand automobiles in particular; and promoting and encouraging fellowship among people who possess these similar goals.  Membership is open to all individuals regardless of race, creed, color or national origin; who profess an interest in the purpose of the Club.

 Membership dues are $65.00 per year and include a subscription to the Jaguar Journal , a national publication,  and membership in the national organization, JCNA.   Checks should be made payable to the Jaguar Club of Tulsa and mailed along with an application for membership to the above address. Please call if you are already a member of JCNA.

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JAGUAR CLUB OF TULSA PO Box #471134, Tulsa Ok 74147