Club logoThe Jan/Feb 2016,  NEWS LETTER IS  POSTED!!.........Come and join the Jaguar club of Tulsa for breakfast on the first Saturday of the month at  First Watch cafe, which is located at 8178 S Lewis Avenue #A ......We look forward to seeing you there!!!.....   Membership in the Jaguar club of Tulsa is open to all Jaguar car owners, and   enthusiast.....We thank you for your continued membership, and support of the Jaguar Club of Tulsa....

1st Saturday breakfast is 9:00 AM, at the First Watch cafe located at 8178 S Lewis Avenue #A, in Tulsa

The NEW (Jan./Feb. 2016) news letter

Jan./Feb. 2016 News Letter


A drive to Silome springs in conjunction with
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Above are links to the archives of our Car Show web sites.
You may find them interesting and fun to look at, and maybe in the next year, or two
(when we find a willing venue) we can start having them again.


Just a bit of "Jag Fun!!" with club member Ian Clements



Watch this twice, once by looking at the terrified passenger, and once at the driver. Test driving a Jaguar XKR may be old hat for the driver but the passenger was not quite as ready.


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  All video was recorded, edited, and produced by videographer         Stuart Campbell

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the Wolseley 6/90Callaway Alfa twin turboFiat 850 sport spider

Past cars of the month

Mark 2 jaguar 2009 XK Jaguar 2+2 XKE Jaguar1988 XJ6-XJ40 JaguarMark 1 Jaguar salon E-Type roadster1971 Series 1 XJ6 Jaguar sedanXF Jaguar S-type 4.0 Jaguar sedan