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How to Detail Your Car
Stuart Barrett

"Not to rub you the wrong way..."

                                                                        By Stuart Barrett


 Have you ever desired to see that certain vehicle of yours "shine" better than the day it rolled out of the factory? Do you peruse the car care isle of your local auto parts store with the intent of taking home the "highest quality" products to bathe that set of wheels in? When you last evaluated your vehicle's appearance, have all of your "Rubs with love" left you a little broken hearted at the lack of sparkle in that car's eyes? Er, headlights? What you may not know is that your current car cleaning habits could be damaging your dream machine...


Detailing is a practice which involves various cleaning techniques that when done correctly, restores or exceeds the original condition of the car's paint surface finish, various trim, windows, wheels, tires, as well as other visible components on a vehicle's exterior (and interior). Commonly referred to as the car's shininess, the duty of a professional detailer is to achieve this "better than showroom" appearance with the utmost consideration of the vehicle's composition. They are obsessive about the performance results made by their tools and products while employing the least intrusive application to the surfaces being corrected.


That said, I have had a lifelong pursuit of automotive perfection for as long as I can remember. Passion and experience that encompasses not only the breathtaking hues that adorn beautifully sculpted bodywork, but also the mechanical marvels which reside beneath such attractive sheet metal and the exquisite engineering attributes that moves its owner far beyond "A-to-B". It is my sincerest hope that I am able to cultivate long lasting relationships with those who are passionate enthusiasts and that I may be able to provide them a solution that enriches their enjoyment of motoring.


Upon completing some rather extensive corrective work on the Young's newest addition to their Jaguar collection, I was generously offered by Linda the opportunity to create this column. If you were at the recent Euro-Expo Car Show you might've seen the results on "Prince", as Linda has affectionately named this purple XJS number. Upon complementing its appearance you may have been enthusiastically entreated to "RUN YOUR HAND OVER IT AND FEEL HOW SMOOTH IT IS!!!" (Detailers cringe when they hear an offering to run hands on paint as the vision of sharp nails, loose rings, or a robust wristwatch damaging the paint flashes across their mind...) As we soaked up the sun on what turned out to be a fantastic day, we sussed out the format of this new addition to the newsletter. The aim for this new column is to showcase, inform, and explore the contentiously evolving techniques and technology that reside within the car care sector so that you can ensure the care going into your vehicle is the proper kind.


If you have any specific car care questions you may contact Stuart directly at 

Linda's "Prince"

Linda's "Prince"   Purple XJS

C-Pillar Before                                                    C-Pillar After

waxed     clean
Waxed Pin Stripe                           Clean Pin Stripe

waxed     no wax
Waxed Tail Light                             No Wax Tail Light